Dermal Fillers For Under Eye

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Dermal Fillers For Under Eye

Reducing Dark Eye Circles and Eye Bags With Under Eye Dermal Filler

It is normal to have tired eyes at the end of a long day. After staring at the computer screen or using electronic gadgets for an extended period of time, your eyes become strained and over time, they may suffer from muscle fatigue. When that happens, you may suffer from a wide range of issues such as dark eye circles, undereye lines, and eye bags. These are common aesthetic problems that make you look sad and tired.

Dark eye circles can form because of a lack of sleep or over-consumption of alcohol. It can also be caused by illnesses or if your complexion is too fair and if your skin is too thin. It could also be an inherited trait from your parents or even simply, a nasal congestion due to your allergies. These could cause the blood vessels around your undereyes to dilate – which cause them to darken.

Unfortunately, eye bags generally have a strong correlation with your age. The older a person is, the more noticeable the eye bags will become. Over time, fatty tissue will deposit under the eyes and gravity will cause them to droop. In addition, your diet and lifestyle also play a key role in determining how visible your eye bags are. That’s where our non-surgical eye bag removal solutions come in.

What does under eye filler treatment involve?

In the past, the only treatment options were surgical if you wish to remove eye bags. Non-surgical options are finally available. With the wonders of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers, the under eye areas can be treated effectively, giving dramatic, long lasting results. Dermal fillers of varying viscosity are introduced into the problem area to immediately rejuvenate the under eye areas.

Using a blunt tip needle, the hollows under the eyes are filled for a smooth, natural result. With the blunt tip needle, it reduces the chances of potential bruising.

Filler under eye reduces the appearance of dark eye circles by hydrating the area and stretching the skin so that the area does not appear sunken. Filler under eye greatly reduces dark shadows by plumping up the hollow areas around the eyes.

The versatility of filler under eye also improves the skin texture and reduces fine lines under the eyes.

How long can the result last?

Improvements is usually evident about 3-4 days after the non-surgical eye bag removal treatment. The result should last anywhere between 9 and 12 months, depending on individual as results may vary.

Any side effect associated with the treatment?

You may experience mild redness and some swelling immediately after the treatment. However, these are temporary and should resolve in a few hours or up to a day. Avoid applying too much pressure on the area as the doctor would have moulded the area to give you the best outcome.



  • Reduction of dark eye circles
  • Reduction of eye bags
  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Brighter, more youthful looking eyes

Best For

Those with visible loss of volume around the eyes who wish to reduce the appearance of sunken eyes and dark eye circles. Not only will removing non-surgical eye bag removal make you appear more awake and alert, it will also help to give you a more youthful look as well.

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