Laser Skin Tag, Wart, Oil Seed Removal

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Laser Skin Tag, Wart, Oil Seed Removal

Safe, Precise, Removal of Skin Tags and Oil Seeds

With age, lumps and bumps start to develop on our face, neck and body. While most of them are harmless, they can look unsightly. The eCO2 Plus laser with UltraPulse laser beam allows us to remove the warts, skin tags, and oil seeds – safely and precisely.


  • Removal of skin tags
  • Removal of oil seeds (millia)
  • Removal of xanthelesma
  • Removal of warts
  • Removal of pigmentation such as seborrhoeic keratosis

Best For

Those who wish to get rid of unsightly skin tags, oil seeds, warts and achieve a smoother skin texture.

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