LED Infrared Skin Repair

LED Light repair
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LED Infrared Skin Repair

LED Infrared Light Therapy: Non-Invasive Light Therapy to Treat Skin Conditions

Calm irritated skin, heal skin wounds and treat eczema with this effective photomodulation therapy. This novel treatment uses infrared LED light at 830nm, together with yellow LED light at 590nm to give you double the healing effects.

LED Infrared Skin Repair uses unique Optical Lens Array Technology (OLAT), delivered through Photo-Sequencing Technology, to deliver medical grade healing photon energy into multiple layers of your skin. The treatment is clinically proven to speed up the wound healing process, reduce inflammation in the skin, and soothe angry, red skin. The treatment can be used with LED Red Recharge to give your skin even more rejuvenating and anti-aging effects.


LED Infrared Yellow

Men and women seeking to heal irritated, damaged or wounded skin.

Best For

  • Wound healing
  • Relief of sunburnt and irritated skin
  • Improvement in eczema
  • Pain relief
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