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Eye Bag Resus

Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal in Singapore: An Alternative To Eye Bag Surgery

There is a rising demand for non-surgical option to treat eye bags in Singapore because people are becoming increasingly demanding for effective results with minimal downtime. Over the past few years, improvement in medical technology has led to the development of a technique for non-surgical eye bag removal.

Eye bag vs aegyo sal

Contrary to popular belief, aegyo sal is not eye bag. Aegyo sal is a small piece of fatty tissue that sits right under the lower eyelids. We often see aegyo sal in younger children and they seem to disappear when they reach adulthood. Many people like the appearance of aegyo sal because it gives them a youthful appearance.

On the other hand, eye bags are formed because the muscles that support the eyelids weaken and the fatty tissues under the eyes are displaced and move into the lower eyelids. The formation of eye bags often make people look tired and unattractive.

eye bags aegyo sal

How is non-surgical eye bag removal treatment done?

In the past, undergoing eye bag removal would mean going under the knife. With all surgeries, there are associated risks and downtime, and many would rather opt for a non-invasive option, if available.

A Korean technique is currently available in Singapore to allow doctors to perform eye bag removal conveniently with minimal downtime. In this 30-minute procedure, the excess fats in your eye bags are melted away with micro-insulated needles delivering radiofrequency waves. The melted fats then drain out naturally via your circulatory system.

How many sessions are required to see result?

You should see some result after one session. However, depending on the severity of your eye bags, your doctor may recommend you to undergo a programme of 3 sessions for a more effective and longer-lasting result.

You can expect fresher and younger looking eyes, without the excess baggage after this treatment.

How much does it cost to remove eye bags non-surgically?

AGNES eye bag removal treatment can range from S$600 to S$1,000 depending on the doctor’s experience. Other than AGNES treatment, undereye dermal filler can also help smoothen the contours and reduce the appearance of eye bags. Under eye fillers often range from S$700 to S$1,200 depending on the type and amount of filler used.

Any side effects associated with the treatment?

You may experience some mild redness and swelling at the treatment site due to the insertion of the micro-needles. The downtime associated with this treatment is about 4-5 days and it should resolve on its own. Unlike surgery, there is very little risk of scarring and no stitches are required.

AGNES Eye Bag Treatment is a popular non-surgical eye bag removal in Singapore because many people are unwilling to undergo a non-essential cosmetic surgery.


  • Reduce appearance of eye bags and puffy eyes
  • Achieve youthful-looking, bright eyes without the baggage
  • Treatment does not conceal eye bags but removes them
  • Minimal downtime
  • Convenient treatment that does not leave any scars

Best For

Those who have visible, big eye bags and wish to remove them via a safe, non-surgical procedure.

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