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PicoSure Laser

Pico Laser: Harnessing Pico Technology for Treatment of Pigmentation, Acne Scars

Achieving flawless, younger-looking skin is no longer impossible with PicoSure laser. The patented technology allows the laser beams to penetrate deeper layers of the skin dermis to stimulate collagen production and shatter pigments more effectively.

What is PicoSure laser?

PicoSure laser delivers ultrashort laser pulses in picoseconds, as compared to the traditional Q-switched laser, which delivers laser pulses in nanoseconds. It is a 755nm wavelength Alexandrite laser that leverages on picosecond laser technology to manage the treatment of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and tattoo with highly effective results.

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PicoSure laser yields better results for acne scar treatment

By delivering short laser pulses that are 10 times shorter in duration than a traditional Q-switched laser, more laser pulses can be delivered with each pulse staying on the skin for a shorter duration. This means that less heat is generated in the skin, causing significantly less damage to the skin tissue.

Through its targeted mode of energy delivery, PicoSure is able to reach the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production with increased precision, causing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Effective solution for pigmentation with PicoSure laser

Picosure laser gives excellent results when treating a wide range of skin pigmentation issues such as freckles, sun spots, and melasma.

While traditional lasers use photothermal energy to shatter the pigments, PicoSure laser eliminates the stubborn pigments using short pulses by leveraging on the picosecond technology. Shorter exposure of laser significantly reduces the risks of burning, scarring and other adverse side effects relating to traditional laser treatments.

Tattoo removal made easier with PicoSure laser

Although PicoSure laser is an excellent treatment for skin rejuvenation and hyperpigmentation, its strength lies in its capability in shattering tattoo ink particles effectively. By targeting the laser on the tattoo ink particles in picoseconds, it results in more effective clearance of stubborn ink colours such as orange, yellow, red, and green. With PicoSure laser, tattoo removal has become a lot easier with less downtime.

PicoSure Focus Lens Array

What makes PicoSure Laser stand out from the competition is the unique function of the patented Focus Lens Array.

The Focus Lens Array uses a diffractive lens to rejuvenate the skin with virtually no downtime. It concentrates energy to generate laser-induced optical breakdowns, also known as LIOB.

picosure laser

The unique mechanism shatters the stubborn pigments under the skin without damaging the skin surface by creating intra-epidermal cavities. At the same time, pressure waves are generated to stimulate the skin to induce an inflammatory response to start the healing process.


  • FDA-approved treatments for tattoo, pigmentation, acne scars
  • Effective treatment for skin rejuvenation
  • Low downtime and minimal discomfort
  • Suitable for all skin types regardless of ethnicity and skin colour

Best For

People who want to reduce appearance of skin discolouration, fine lines, dark pigments or acne scars without experiencing long downtime and discomfort that may be brought about by traditional lasers.

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