Rejuran I Treatment

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Rejuran I Treatment

The natural process of ageing causes our skin to lose its elasticity over time. Extrinsic factors such as harsh weather and prolonged sun exposure also play an important role in determining how soon wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face.

In particular, the skin around the eyes is likely to age much faster than other areas of the face because it is thin with little collagen and elastin.

Fine lines, wrinkles and dark eye circle become more visible after the age of 30. If these signs of premature ageing make you feel self-conscious, there are non-surgical treatments to restore a pair of bright, youthful eyes.

Causes of undereye wrinkles and fine lines

SKIN IS VERY THIN The skin around the eyes is about 10 times thinner than other parts of the face. This means that the skin around the eye area is deficient in collagen and elastin, making it less resistant to extrinsic ageing.

In addition, the tissue around the eyes is naturally lacking in fat and muscles. The lack of these supporting elements increases the probability of premature ageing.

UV EXPOSURE Prolonged exposure of harmful UV rays break down collagen in the skin. Since collagen is an essential component for youthful-looking skin, the gradual break down of collagen will lead to saggy, wrinkled skin.

SMOKING Studies have found a strong correlation between smoking and the early formation of wrinkles and ageing of the skin.  Many studies have found that nicotine found in cigarettes causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing oxygen flow and nutrients to skin cells.

REPETITIVE FACIAL MOVEMENTS Facial expressions such as smiling, frowning and squinting your eyes can cause fine lines and wrinkles to develop on the face.

Rejuran I treatment for ageing eyes















For the uninitiated, Rejuran Healer is a DNA-based treatment made of polynucleotides. When put in a long chain, polynucleotides form DNA. These polynucleotides provide intensive repair for damaged, ageing skin, gradually improving overall appearance of our complexion over time.

The DNA extract in Rejuran Healer is derived from salmon. Research has shown that salmon DNA is an effective key ingredient for address ageing skin by rejuvenating and repairing the skin from inside.

Rejuran I is similar to Rejuran Healer except that Rejuran I is a less viscous version. Therefore, it is suitable to be injected around the eyes without causing unsightly bumps and lumps after the treatment.

How does Rejuran I improve the eyes?

When Rejuran I is administered into the skin around the eyes, the polynucleotides derived from salmon DNA will kickstart its skin healing process by stimulating the fibroblast production of collagen to reduce signs of skin ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles.

How is Rejuran I administered?

Rejuran I is typically administered by performing tiny injections around the eyes to distribute the content evenly around the eyes.

It is a simple, straightforward procedure that can be completed in less than 30 minutes with minimal discomfort.

How often do I need to undergo Rejuran I treatment?

For best results, patients are recommended to undergo 2-3 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart. Once the initial programme is over, you can undergo 1 session every 6 months for maintenance.

Can I see immediate results?

Rejuran Healer and Rejuran I work by repairing and healing damaged skin, so you won’t see immediate results. You should expect to see improvement in overall skin texture in 2 to 3 months post-treatment.

Who should not undergo Rejuran I treatment?

As the content of Rejuran I is harvested from a fish source, people who are allergic to fish or seafood should avoid this treatment.


  • Improve overall skin tone and texture around the eyes
  • Speed up wound healing process
  • Initiate skin repair by reducing signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines
  • Achieve healthy, smooth skin with improved elasticity
  • Improve skin texture by minimising pores

Best For

People with severely aged skin around the eyes who wish to opt for non-surgical treatment to kickstart an intensive repair therapy to address premature signs of ageing.

Rejuran I is particularly useful for treating the eye area because it is less viscous compared to Rejuran Healer. Therefore, there will be less risk of lumps and bumps post-treatment and downtime will be minimal too.

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