Renew Body Peel

Renew Body Peel
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Renew Body Peel

Chemical Peel Treatment for Body for Skin Renewal

Like our faces, our backs require care, anti-aging treatments, and exfoliation. During Renew Body Peel, our highly trained therapists use different fruit acid peels to remove the top layers of the skin, along with impurities, pigmentation, and clogs. As a result, your skin renews itself, becoming brighter, firmer, and regaining its smooth texture. If you are suffering from back acne, or unsightly acne scars left behind after acne, this is the perfect treatment for you. The fruit peels are clinically proven to improve your acne woes, once and for all.

For a flawless, beautiful back, we recommend that you complement Renew Body Peel with Pat on the Back to better achieve the result you want.


  • Skin hydration
  • Smoother, soft skin on the back
  • Reduction in back acne and acne scars

Best For

Women who wish to achieve a beautiful, flawless back. This will also benefit men and women with back acne problem.

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