Skin Brightening Laser

Skin Brightening Laser
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Skin Brightening Laser

Remove Dark Skin Pigmentation with Skin Brightening Laser

Our skin produces more melanin as we age. These are unevenly deposited onto the skin and you will notice that areas on your skin are darker than before. The underarms, groin, and between the thighs are common areas where we see this problem. If your skin is more sensitive, even minor injuries such as mosquito bites can leave unsightly darkened scars on on arms and legs. Our Skin Brightening Laser, using the Spectra XT Platform, breaks down the melanin and in your skin.

Optimum Lattice Technology – the latest innovation in pigment clearing lasers, gives a combination of high peak power and short pulse width to ensure safe, efficient destruction of target pigment, with minimal side effects and discomfort. Visible results can be seen after a few sessions


  • Removal of darkened skin on the body
  • Removal of darkened scars from injuries such as mosquito bites
  • Improved skin tone
  • Brighter skin
  • Removal of pigmentation such as age spots

Best For

People with dull skin who wish to opt for a non-injectable treatment to achieve fairer, glowing skin.

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