sylfirm radium laser melasma singapore
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Selectively breaks down stubborn pigments

Laser toning and many other types of laser treatments only address the superficial layers of the skin without reaching the deeper layers of the skin where these stubborn pigments originate. Undergoing such laser treatments often only leads to temporary results. In fact, undergoing too many laser treatments may even worsen the problem by causing darkening of the pigments, and an irreversible mottling of the skin.

sylfirm vs lasers

On the other hand, Sylfirm selectively targets areas of the skin which lasers previously cannot reach, to break down the abnormal cells in the skin without harming the rest of the skin cells.

Sylfirm: Treats stubborn pigmentation with convenience

sylfirm radium laser melasma singapore

Sylfirm introduces a new method to treat pigmentation such as melasma, and skin redness – it uses pulsed radio frequency waves to generate an electrothermal effect on the skin. The radiofrequency is introduced into the skin via micro-needles. The precisely generated electric field directly changes the melanin in pigmented lesions, also selectively targets abnormal blood vessels.

In addition, Sylfirm stimulates healing of the basement membrane (in the epidermis), thickening it, and improving skin health.

Sylfirm laser is effective for treating melasma

Melasma pigments are notoriously difficult to treat because they form in multiple layers of the skin. We now also know that melasma is more than just a pigmentary condition. It is also caused by others problems in the skin, such as inflammation, abnormal blood vessels, and a weakened base layer of the epidermis (the basement membrane).

Sylfirm works on the several layers of the skin – from the deepest to the most superficial, and targets not only the melanin pigment deposits, but also the abnormal blood vessels and basement membrane which aggravate the melasma.

By targeting the root causes of melasma, Sylfirm offers a new dimension in the treatment of this stubborn, difficult-to-treat skin condition.

Sylfirm laser strengthens the skin foundation

In addition to breaking down the dark pigments, it also strengthens the foundation layers of the skin to block melanin migration from epidermis to dermis.

Sylfirm reinforces the epidermis, reforms vessels in the dermis, and regenerating skin tissue to strengthen the foundation layers of the skin.

sylfirm radium laser melasma singapore

How is Sylfirm performed?

Prior to the treatment, your therapist will apply a layer of numbing cream to your skin. The micro-needles are then introduced into your skin during the treatment. You will feel some mild discomfort, but this is very tolerable compared to other micro-needling treatments as Sylfirm introduces the needles gently into the skin.

Your doctor may prescribe some cooling facials, or recommend that you combine the treatment with other lasers for best results.

Your skin will be slightly red for a few hours to a day. Most people can immediately go about their usual activities after the treatment.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Stubborn pigments such as age spots and melasma will be visibly reduced.

You can also expect to see less wrinkles and fine lines on the skin because of the straightening of the deep layers of the skin. You can also expect the skin to brighten and tighten after a series of treatments.

Sylfirm also improves skin redness and broken capillaries. If you suffer from rosacea, you will find your skin less reactive, with less facial flushing and acne outbreaks.

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