Gold PTT Acne Treatment
body acne treatment
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Radium Rescue Plus (Body)

Acne can affect any part of our body. Besides the face, the back and chest are the areas most commonly affected by acne.
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LED Red Recharge

LLLT is a new concept in aesthetic medicine ideal for people who are keen to reap the benefits of light based therapy, but wish to opt for a gentler option than lasers.
clarity revival
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Clarity Revival

Transform your skin with this relaxing but effective treatment to improve your acne, reduce your acne scars, and rejuvenate the collagen in your skin at the same time.
agnes acne treatment
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Renew Acne Peel

When your over-the-counter anti-acne products are not working well, Renew Acne Peel is the solution to keeping pesky acne at bay.
acne scars
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Radium Rescue Me

A medical facial specially designed to combat acne and acne skin, Radium Rescue Me uses clinically proven therapies to exfoliate, cleanse, and acne-proof your skin.
acne clear
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Radium Rescue Plus

Your answer to clearer, acne free skin begins here. Radium Rescue Plus is an intensive medical facial which combines multiple, proven therapies to combat acne.
LED blue light
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LED Blue Acne Clear

Blue light effectively treats acne by eliminating the bacteria at its source.
chemical peel for body
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Chemical Peel Body

Chemical peels improve your skin’s appearance by using specially prepared acids to exfoliate the top layers of the rough and dead skin, to allow new skin to regenerate.
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Healite LED Blue

Blue light treats acne by eliminating at its source: by killing Propionibacterium Acnes, the bacteria found in our oil glands which causes acne.