Megalift Facial
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Megalift Facial

toxin calf reduction
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Botox Calf Reduction

Enlargement of the calf muscles – the gastrocnemius, can cause the calves to look big and masculine, especially on wearing high-heel footwear.
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Botox Sweat Reduction

Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) affects up to 1% of the population.
neck lifting treatment botulinum toxin
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Nefertiti Botox Lower Face & Neck Lift

Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen, famed not only for being a great ruler, but also for her beautiful, defined jawline.
botulinum toxin treatment singapore
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Botox Facial Slimming

Asian patients frequently seek aesthetic alternation of the masseter muscles to reduce the broadness of the jaws, thereby giving an overall impression of a slimmer and sharper face.
wrinkle treatment toxin singapore
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Botox Wrinkle Erase

20 years after Botox revolutionized aesthetic medicine, it is still the best wrinkle eraser available today, especially for wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and at the sides of the eyes.
botox skin refine
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Botox Skin Refine

A novel way for reducing pores and oiliness of the face using micro-injection of botox. Find out more about our pore reduction treatment.