Affordable Treatments For Mommy Makeover

If you are a new mommy looking for affordable post pregnancy makeover, you’ve come to the right place.

Shedding the excess weight after childbirth is probably one of the most important things that new moms will do before going back to work. Other than having to deal with the vulnerability to depressive mood swings, you have to deal with the fact that you can no longer able to fit into favourite pair of skinny jeans, post pregnancy cystic acne or even hair loss. These could happen because of the hormonal changes in the body. Although people say that these conditions may subside after the hormones have settled down a bit, you want to make sure that these conditions are well under control and that you put in effort to address them.

Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics is here to share with you some tips on how you can address some common post-pregnancy issues that new moms probably face and what are some (affordable) post pregnancy makeover choices you have.

Post-Pregnancy Cystic Acne

Acne is usually triggered by hormonal changes in your body. It is precisely the same reason that teenagers get acne or when you get sudden breakout around the time of the menstrual cycle.

Just as your body gets accustomed to the changes post-pregnancy, your skin will undergo changes too. The truth is that, post-pregnancy acne may clear up when your hormones are stable, there is also a chance that it may not. Everyone’s genetic makeup is different. Your friend’s or sister’s acne may totally clear up, but yours may not. So why leave it to chance when you can do something about it?

Post Pregnancy Makeover Solution: Cystic Acne

At Radium Medical Aesthetics, we offer an intense facial program that targets the root of your acne problem. It is effective, yet gentle on the skin. It eradicates pimples, improve clogged pores and reduce the inflammation and redness caused by the acne using medical-grade treatments.

Be surprised at how gentle, yet effective this program is for eliminating your postpartum cystic acne!


Thanks to the fluctuating hormones, many new mothers develop dark pigments on the face especially around the mouth, cheeks, and forehead. These dark pigments are commonly known as melasma or hyperpigmentation. Although harmless, pigmentation can be unsightly especially when you never had any pigments on your face before pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy Makeover Solution: Hyperpigmentation

If you want to seek medical treatments to remove these pigmentation safely and effectively, Flawless Skin Program might just be your answer. We use fractional thulium laser technology to clear pigmentation. At the same time, this laser treatment promotes anti-aging and smoothen skin texture. Unlike most other resurfacing technologies, the advanced laser treatment used in this program keeps your skin surface intact. In other words, the treatment is much safer, more comfortable and has less downtime as compared to other resurfacing laser treatments.

Hair Loss

hair lasemd laser treatment singapore radium

Hair loss remains one of the most common complaints that new moms have. You shed a lot more hair than usual in the first few months after giving birth because your oestrogen level plunges. The abnormally low level of oestrogen means that your hair will fall as compared to increased level of oestrogen during pregnancy. Although some people will grow their hair back to its pre-pregnancy thickness about 9 months after giving birth, some people don’t experience the complete hair growth even after one year.

Post Pregnancy Makeover Solution: Hair Loss

Hair Restoration Program is specially designed by Dr. Siew to combat hair loss. This program uses LASEMD’s advanced cosmeceutical delivery system to increase the absorption rate of the hair growth serum. This is done by creating micro-channels in your scalp, so that the exclusively formulated active ingredients can penetrate deep into the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. In additional, there will be the administering of PDRN into the scalp, it repairs and rejuvenates the scalp from the inside at the cellular level. Unlike other hair loss treatments, PDRN heals and improves the skin from the inside out. It aims to strengthen and thicken the foundational layers of the scalp to provide an ideal environment for thick, healthy hair to grow.

This intensive 10-session program will require a commitment to come once a week for the treatment to yield maximum benefit from the program.

Body Contouring

body sculpting

During pregnancy, weight gain is usually around the tummy. It can be particularly difficult to get rid of the stubborn fat and the loose skin, but it isn’t impossible. With the right diet and some exercise, you should be able to get rid of it rather quickly.

Post Pregnancy Makeover Solution: Loose Skin and Excess Fat

But what if we say that we can make life even easier for you? Introducing Trilipo Body Contouring treatment that combines two effective technologies for skin tightening and fat reduction. Using Trilipo Radiofrequency and Trilipo Dynamic Muscle Activation, they work simultaneously with internal muscle contraction to remove fat through increased fat metabolism and destruction, as well as skin tightening.

The result can be seen from the first treatment. However, long-term body shaping result can only be visible with at least 8 treatments of one-week interval.

Stretch Marks

Due to substantial stretching that occurs during pregnancy, about 90% of the women will get stretch marks during their third trimester. For Asians with fairer skin, you will tend to develop pinkish stretch marks. For darker-skinned women, the stretch marks will be lighter than their skin tone.

Post Pregnancy Makeover Solution: Stretch Marks

There are several cosmetic products available in the market that claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. However, most of these creams don’t work. The most effective way to eliminate stretch marks is using fractional skin resurfacing laser. The eCO2 is an advanced system which creates micro-ablative columns on the skin. These micro-wounds are created to allow new skin and collagen to grow. Over 3-4 treatments, you will notice that the stretch marks will become less visible as new skin is formed to improve the overall skin texture.

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