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Why EGF is Essential For Your Skincare Routine

EGF, or Epidermal Growth Factor, is the perfect amalgamation of science and beauty. Signalling the next frontier in anti- aging, EGF is a naturally occurring polypeptide (or chain of amino acids) designed to stimulate skin growth and recovery at the cellular level after binding to EGF receptors in the body. The usefulness of EGF as a multi-tasking healing agent also attests to the fact that it works hard to increase the rate of growth in cells, building collagen to help with lines, evening out skin tone, refining texture and lightening pigmentation — altogether with far less irritation, thus leading to thicker, firmer and younger-looking skin.

When should you consider using EGF products?

EGF can be found in bodily fluids such as breast milk, saliva, and tears, as well from sites of tissue injury where epidermal cells work to release EGF to help with wound healing. However, typically after 30 years old, our EGF stores experience a marked decrease. This means that our skin repair process and skin restoration capacity is greatly reduced with age. This in turn exacerbates the aging process. The regular usage of EGF products can not only enhance the low levels of EGF present in the body, but also stimulates the body’s own skin cells to proliferate and boost collagen and elastin production, thus increasing skin turnover and helping to slow down aging.

How should I incorporate EGF into my daily beauty routine?

Radium’s Ageless EGF Repair Serum is an excellent product to be applied post- procedures, such as after fractional lasers or microneedling treatments like Infini. This is because it will not only expedite wound recovery but also enhance collagen production, thus helping to repair, strengthen, plump and smoothen your skin barrier. In addition, by preventing melanin production during wound healing, it also can help to reduce any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Do make it a point to apply Radium’s Ageless EGF Repair Serum to damp skin, right after cleansing, before any other item in your regime. Night time application is recommended as this is when the skin is resting, and when the turnover and healing process of skin cells are at their peak. 

It is a known fact that acidic environments can break down growth factors, so do not pair this with skincare products containing acidic ingredients such as salicyclic acid or Vitamin C in the same sitting. Apply 3-4 drops to create a thin layer on your skin, and gently pat or massage the product into your skin. Wait around ten minutes before applying other products, as this will give the skin cells time to respond to the EGF as well as to optimise the cell rejuvenation process. 

For best results, do apply EGF consistently on a daily basis over 3 months, as the EGF works to communicate with the skin cells, improving the skin barrier and halting any effects of aging. We recommend following up with a lightweight moisturiser such as Radium’s Self Defence Revital Day Crème, or the Ageless Night Repair Crème, for that added anti-aging boost. 

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