Woman Rebuilt Face Using Shoulder Bone Muscle

It’s never easy to try and find a good, reliable way to rebuild any facial problems that you might have. Jen Taylor found that firsthand. She went to the dentist due to a lump in her jaw and 2 months later, she was told she has bone cancer in her skull. The account manager needed lot of chemotherapy and an operation to transfer shoulder bone muscle to the face, as she was starting to lose a lot of bone properties there.

jen taylor face surgery
Credit: Jen Taylor via IG @thecancerchrons

The problem that comes from a situation like this is that you never know what you might expect and what situations you have to deal with. When she was starting to see the lump growing, the dentist just saw it as abscess, and it was hard to say it would be anything else other than that. But in the end it was rather obvious that something was happening and a potential issue was indeed there.

Ms Taylor had to undergo a lot of therapy and a 16 hour operation. It was definitely something very tricky, because any little change and issue would make this unbearable. The operation required doctors to cut most of the top jaw, the eye socket bottom and a hole in the mouth roof. Then they cut the scapula on the side with the idea of offering her the lost bone muscle naturally.

Credit: Jen Taylor via IG @thecancerchrons

It’s a miracle that everything worked adequately and while Ms Taylor doesn’t think that she looks normal, she is thankful to be alive. And who wouldn’t be when it comes to a situation like this. When you see just how many issues you have to deal with, it’s great to have a good solution like this that will be able to help.

The patient also had to use a dermal filler treatment to rebuild her facial structure. The dermal filler was great for this and it definitely provided the type of features and benefits that you would expect. That being said, the cosmetic surgery developments are extraordinary, and dermal fillers as well as other treatments like this can save lives. And they can even rebuild some of the issues that come with a situation like this.

Granted, you will never find a complete solution that will just stop any possible issues. There are always going to be challenges and potential problems to consider when it comes to facial sculpting. But right now things like facial surgery and transplants are getting better than ever. They are working exactly the way you want and with the right approach you can easily save your life and take things to the next level. Is it a huge improvement? Yes, there’s definitely a great opportunity and amazing possibilities to be had here. That doesn’t mean we are at the point where everything is perfect. There’s still a whole lot to pursue when it comes to stuff like this. But as long as we work hard and achieve amazing results with this, only the sky is the limit.

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