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LED Blue Light Therapy

Effectively Eliminates Acne-Causing Bacteria

Causes of acne

There are several causes of acne. However, the most common acne is the type that people get during their teenage years. Puberty causes fluctuations in hormone levels. These changing hormones cause our sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. In small amounts, the oil released by the glands protect our skin and keep it moist. Acne occurs when the dead skin cells are not removed and clog the pores with the oil produced by the sebaceous glands. Such environment encourages the growth of acne bacteria. Over time, it causes swelling, redness and pus may develop.

How Does LED Blue Light Eliminate Acne?

Healite LED Blue uses Optical Lens Array Technology (OLAT) to effectively harness and deliver the healing energy of 1800 new generation LEDs at 415nm wavelength and maximize the therapeutic outcome. Acne bacteria, also known as Cutibacterium acnes can be effectively eliminated using visible blue light. The bacteria have pigments in their protective cell membranes that resonate at about the same frequency of the blue light. The pigments break down the membrane and eventually destroying the bacteria. Studies have shown that it improves acne, especially when combined with LED Red Light Therapy.

How Long Does LED Blue Light Treatment Take?

This is a painless and comfortable treatment which takes about 20 minutes.

any Side Effects From LED Blue Light?

This treatment is drug-free and does not cause any side effects. Furthermore, it is mild and does not cause any redness or flakiness after the treatment.


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    Visible reduction of inflammatory acne
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    Minimal risk and almost no downtime

Best For

People with acne-inflicted skin who wish to destroy acne-causing bacteria in your skin, without the downtime time.

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