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Radium Medical Aesthetics™ offers the latest, non-invasive, FDA approved/ CE Marked medical aesthetic treatments, designed to invigorate you to not only look better, but to feel better and to become the most confident, best version of yourself.
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Tempsure Treatment Image
TempSure Skin Tightening
TempSure: RF Skin Tightening For Face and Body TempSure is an FDA-approved skin tightening device...
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Skin Illumination Facial
Skin Illumination Facial
Improve Radiance and Enhance Skin Luminosity In Ultimate Comfort Get rid of stubborn, dark pigments...
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Detoxifying Deep Cleansing Charcoal Facial
Remove Toxins and Impurities For A Smoother, Healthy Glow The beauty benefits of activated charcoal...
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Gua Sha Detox Skin Revival Facial
Improve Lymphatic Drainage and Restore Natural Radiant Glow Gua sha ("刮痧") is the practice of...
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24K Gold Age-Defying Facial
Indulge In Gold Luxury For Ultimate Skin Pampering Roman historians described Cleopatra as a "woman...
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signature extraction facial
Radium Signature Deep Cleansing & Extraction Facial
Deep Pore Cleansing and Facial Extraction in Singapore Causes of clogged pores Clogged pores are...
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dermaplaning singapore
Glow and Refine Facial
Exfoliation and Removal of Vellus Hair with Dermaplaning Dermaplaning is a simple exfoliation procedure that...
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pigmentation facial
EverGlow Pigmentation Facial
Achieve Even Skin Tone by Breaking Down Stubborn Pigments Effectively Freckles. Solar lentigines. Melasma. Post-Inflammatory...
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skin lifting facial
Megalift Facial
Defy Ageing by Tightening Skin Naturally This 5-step facial treatment is designed to provide deep...
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eye facial
New Bright Eye Facial
Revitalise Your Eyes and Reduce Dark Circles Naturally The skin around the eyes are extremely...
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self defence detoxifying facial treatment
Self Defense Detoxifying Facial
HerWorld Spa Awards 2018 Best Clarifying Facial Detoxifying Facial Treatment: Purifying and Restoring Balance for...
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LED Light repair
LED Infrared Skin Repair
LED Infrared Light Therapy: Non-Invasive Light Therapy to Treat Skin Conditions Calm irritated skin, heal...
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IPL facial
In The Glow
IPL Facial for A Brighter Skin Give dull, tired and pigmented skin a boost with...
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Radium Red Carpet Facial
Radium Red Carpet Facial

We all want to look our best before an important event. Our best-selling rejuvenating and anti-aging luxurious, 90-minute skin pampering treatment is designed to do just that, through Radium’s 5-step red-carpet ready skin revival: Cleanse, Infuse, Lift, Rejuvenate, and Detoxify.

lose weight
LED Red Recharge

LLLT is a new concept in aesthetic medicine ideal for people who are keen to reap the benefits of light based therapy, but wish to opt for a gentler option than lasers.

clarity revival
Clarity Revival

Transform your skin with this relaxing but effective treatment to improve your acne, reduce your acne scars, and rejuvenate the collagen in your skin at the same time.

agnes acne treatment
Renew Acne Peel

When your over-the-counter anti-acne products are not working well, Renew Acne Peel is the solution to keeping pesky acne at bay.

acne scars
Radium Rescue Me

A medical facial specially designed to combat acne and acne skin, Radium Rescue Me uses clinically proven therapies to exfoliate, cleanse, and acne-proof your skin.

acne clear
Radium Rescue Plus

Your answer to clearer, acne free skin begins here. Radium Rescue Plus is an intensive medical facial which combines multiple, proven therapies to combat acne.

LED blue light
LED Blue Acne Clear

Blue light effectively treats acne by eliminating the bacteria at its source.

facial treatments

This gentle and relaxing treatment helps to refine and rebalance your skin through priming, cleansing, and infusion with our range of specially designed skincare products.

quick fix facial treatment
Quick Revive

The increase in environmental stressors such as air pollution and hectic lifestyles over the years have major effects on our skin.

Purity Cleansing

Our most effective deep cleansing facial combines Radium’s intimate skincare knowledge with the latest medical aesthetics skin treatments.

Radium radiance signature radium aesthetics Medispa
Radium Radiance Signature

Step into the world of ultimate facial luxury and immerse yourself in our specially customized skincare range with Radium Signature.

Serenity Skin Restoration

The ultimate remedy for irritated, dehydrated, moisture-starved skin.

dry skin
Refresh Hydraclear
Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment for Congested Pores The increase in environmental stressors such as air...
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diamond peel
Allure Diamond Peel
Diamond Peel: Gentle Removal of Dead Skin Enjoy softer, younger skin from gentle, precise skin...
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