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Cancellation Policy


“No-Show” refers to missing a scheduled appointment.

“Late Cancellation” refers cancelling/rescheduling an appointment with us 48 hours or less in advance of a procedure.

“Change Of Treatment” refers to changing the treatment which you were originally scheduled for.

“We“, “Us“, “Our“, “Radium” refer to (a) Aetas Aesthetics Pte. Ltd. (“AAPL”) and Radium Medical Aesthetics, (b) Radium Wellness Pte. Ltd. (“RWPL”) and Radium Wellness Centre, (c) in the event of any restructuring that results in AAPL and RWPL being held by a holding company, the said holding company (“Holdco”), and (d) and any Subsidiary of Holdco.

Why Do We Need To Implement Cancellation Policy?

We value all Our customers and Our relationship with you, and aim to always give you the best possible experience at Radium. Hence, it is important for Us to make appointments for your consultations and procedures so that we can prepare for your treatment in advance, allocate the proper facilities and manpower to you, and minimise your waiting time.

When customers fail to turn up for a scheduled appointment, or cancel their appointments too late, it does not give us enough time to react, and compromises our standard of care. It also negatively impacts other customers who may be trying to get an appointment with Us, and are unable to do so.

This cancellation policy helps us serve you better.

Cancellation Policy

Please inform Us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment if you would like to cancel your appointment, change your appointment date and/or time, or change have a Change Of Treatment.

If you have an existing treatment programme with us, there will be a deduction of one session of your programme for three no-show and/or late-cancellations over a 6-month period:

  1. A message will be sent to your registered mobile phone and/or email with us for the each No-Show or Late Cancellation.
  2. For the third No Show or Late Cancellation within a 6-month period, we will deduct a session of the programme you cancelled the session for. This will be informed to you via your registered mobile phone and/or email with us.

For ala-carte treatments, No-Shows and Late Cancellation will be subject to the following charges:

  1. $50 for body contouring treatments and facials
  2. $50 for appointments of duration less than 1 hour
  3. $100 for appointments of duration between 1 and 2 hours
  4. $200 for appointments of duration between 2 and 3 hours
  5. $500 for appointments of duration more than 3 hours

The above charges will be deducted from existing treatment credits in the event of No-Show or Late Cancellations.

If you do not have existing treatment credits or programmes with Us, a deposit of S$50, S$100, S$200, or S$500 is required according to the appointment duration as detailed above. The deposit will be forfeited in the event of No-Show or Late Cancellation.

If you require a Change Of Treatment with less than 48 hours notice:

  • We will accommodate your request on a best effort basis if you wish to opt for a treatment of a longer duration;
  • There will be an administrative charge for the difference between the tiers detailed in (1) – (5) as time has already been allocated for you, if you wish to opt for a treatment with a significantly shorter duration;

For example, if you book for an appointment for Ultherapy (duration 2.5hours) and you opt for a botulinum toxin treatment (duration 45min) a administrative charge of $150 ($200 – $50) will be imposed.

Any exception to this cancellation policy?

We understand that occasionally, situations such as medical emergencies can arise. These situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Examples of a medical emergency include: Covid-19 positive, an accident, or a medical illness requiring hospitalisation.

For other exceptions, please call Us to find out more. You can call Us at 6837-0507 or SMS/ WhatsApp us at 9630-3022.

Radium Medical Aesthetics reserves the right to amend, vary or modify the terms of our cancellation policy at any time without giving prior notice to you and such amendments shall be effective immediately upon inclusion/publication of such amendment on this website.