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Removal Moles Non-Surgically with Lasers

Moles are medically defined as groups of pigments on the skin. Moles that appear on your skin are often brown or black. They come in various shapes and sizes anywhere on your body. Generally speaking, even though most moles are not dangerous, they can be unsightly. According to the art of Chinese face reading, most moles on the face are regarded as undesirable. For this reason, many people opt to remove moles on their face or body. To this day, laser mole removal remains one of the most precise and effective ways to remove moles.

What causes a mole?

Moles develop when cells in the skin form a cluster instead of spreading throughout the skin. Over time when your skin is exposed to the sun, some parts of the skin may darken, forming a mole or a freckle. It is common for moles to darken after further exposure to the sun, during puberty, or during pregnancy.

Are moles dangerous?

On the average, a person may have 10 to 40 moles. Some of these moles may change in appearance or even fade away after a period of time. Most moles are harmless. However, there are in some rare cases where moles and other pigmented areas may become cancerous. Therefore, it is important to be able to observe changes in shape and size of your mole and get them assessed early by a doctor if you suspect that it could be a malignant mole. Here is a general guide to determine if your mole or pigment could be cancerous:

ASYMMETRY If you notice that the mole is asymmetry i.e. one half is not the same size or shape as the other half.

BORDER If the mole does not have a clear, defined border and appears to be blurred or irregular.

COLOR The color of the mole is not consistent throughout i.e. it has shades of tan, brown, black or red.

DIAMETER Look out for new moles that grow very quickly and become larger than 1/4 inch.

EVOLVE Look out for moles that are visibly changing its shape, size or color.

Melanoma is a common form of skin cancer. Some common areas to look out for are chest and back in men and lower legs in women.

how can i remove harmless moles and pigments?

If you have ascertained that your moles and pigments are not cancerous, you can speak to a doctor to have it removed using medical lasers. At Radium Medical Aesthetics, we use CO2 laser with UltraPulse laser beam to allow us to remove moles on your face and body safely and effectively. This 20-minute treatment only targets the affected area, thus minimising any damage to the surrounding tissue.

Alternatively, lasers such as PicoSure and Dual Yellow Laser are increasingly popular because they are targeted treatments with very little damage to the surrounding skin. The stubborn pigments are broken down by the laser beams and they will be removed naturally by the body. Mole removal procedure is safe, convenient and simple. As this is not a surgical procedure, it does not have any scarring and the treated area recovers quickly, with great results.


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    Remove stubborn dark pigments and moles on face and body
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    Minimal downtime with little damage to the surrounding skin
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    Minimal discomfort during procedure
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    Fast, convenient treatment

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