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Hydra SkinBoosters Hand Rejuvenation

Effective Hand Rejuvenation Treatment to Hide Your Age

To tell a person’s real age, we often look at the neck and back of the hands. These areas, in particular our hands, are often neglected in a skincare regime.

How fast do our hands age?

Many of us don’t realize that our hands age just as fast, if not even faster than other areas of our bodies because they are often subjected to harsh weather conditions without appropriate UV protection. Our hands often dry out very quickly because of frequent handwashing with repetitive exposure to water, harsh soap, and detergents will disrupt the protective skin barrier. In addition to the above, our hands are also subjected to the same issues that affect the face such as sun damage, loss of volume, pigmentation and saggy, loose skin. However, most of us pay little attention to our hands as compared to our faces. Therefore, by looking at someone’s hands, you are likely able to tell how old the person is.

Dermal filler treatment to rejuvenate ageing hands

Hydra SkinBoosters (水光针) Hand Rejuvenation treatment revitalizes your hands by introducing a soft, natural hyaluronic acid filler into your skin via microinjections. The water-loving molecules gives your hands long-lasting, deep hydration. The skin on you hands feel firmer and softer, and look more luminous after the treatment. At the same time, your skin cells are stimulated to produce collagen, turning back the clock to make your hands plumper and more youthful.

How many sessions do I need?

With one session, you should be able to notice that your hands are less bony and wrinkly. Your hands should become more plump and firm as well. However, we encourage our patients to undergo at least 2-3 more sessions with one session every 4 weeks apart for long-lasting result.


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    Convenient treatment to rejuvenate the back of the hands
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    Achieve long-lasting anti-ageing results with minimal downtime
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    Achieve plumper, less bony appearance with less visible veins

Best For

People who wish to restore bony and neglected hands and get plumper, hydrated hands.

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