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Body Reset Programme

Overhaul Your Body with Customised Body Contouring Treatments

Tone your body to perfection with Body Reset Programme. We know that it can be difficult to tone and slim the abdomen, hips and thighs. These areas are often the first places to accumulate fat and the last places to lose them. For some people who are obese, losing fat may not be the only challenge. Loose skin may form due to the rapid contraction of the skin, leaving spaces under the skin, with almost no collagen and elastin.

Body Reset Programme aims to tackle all your body concerns and stubborn areas, giving you the extra push you need so that you can restore your confidence in no time. This fat-busting, skin-tightening programme is an intense body contouring regime that remove the excess sagging skin, while busting the stubborn fat and improving the shape of your body. Using a combination of hot and cold treatments, Body Reset Programme aims to permanently destroy the structural integrity of the fat cells so that they don’t come back.

In addition, your muscles will undergo regular stimulation to create more muscle fibres, giving your muscles more tone and definition. Lastly, any loose skin will be addressed with a skin-tightening treatment by stimulating collagen and elastin. Achieve a jaw-dropping total body transformation with Body Reset Programme today!

Who is a suitable candidate for Body Reset Programme?

Body Reset programme is a painless and safe way to lose fat fast and tone up loose skin at the same time. Best of all, it doesn’t require downtime from daily activities. This treatment is suitable for anyone who is moderately active with at least 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Despite the physical activities, you may notice pockets of stubborn fats around your belly which you are unable to get rid of regardless of the diet and exercises you undergo.

This is the perfect fat-loss, skin-tightening treatment for those suffering from loose skin as a result of weight loss or pregnancy. By embarking on this programme, we aim to help you regain your confidence and achieve your body goals by eliminating the excess body fat and tone up your skin and muscles at the same time.


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    Eliminate pockets of stubborn fats in various parts of the body
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    Versatile treatment to reduce fatty deposits with almost no downtime
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    Safe and effective body contouring treatments

Best For

Men and women who are unable to get rid of stubborn pocket of fatty deposits on various parts of the body despite undergoing diet restrictions and exercise.

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