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Radiolysis Facial Fat Slimming Programme

Get a V-Shaped Face by Removing Fat Pockets on the Face

If you dislike to see a bloated face in the mirror every morning, don’t worry. You are not the only person with that problem. Even though a bloated face is an aesthetic problem, it could also be a sign of some medical condition. According to the Chinese, the face is a map which shows which part of your body is sick and the best way to treat it. If something goes wrong in your body, your face will likely show it.

There are several reasons why your face may be become bloated:

POOR DIET A diet that is lacking in nutrients can result in a bloated face. For example, vitamin C deficiency may lead to a puffy face. Also, excessive intake of fat, carbohydrates can cause your face to become puffy because of the fat a distribution due to over-consumption of fatty food. If your diet is high in salt content, you body may retain water in your body to balance the salt level in your body. Water retention in your body can also show up on your face.

DEHYDRATION Unknown to many people, not having enough water in your body means that your body will try to retain as much water as possible. Unfortunately, your face is one of the places where your body will store excess water. By drinking at least 7 glasses of water a day should reduce puffy face due to dehydration.

ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION Drinking alcohol can make your face look puffy because alcohol dehydrates you. This means that your body tries its best to retain as much water as possible to keep you hydrated and healthy. Your body may then respond by storing excess water on your face.

MEDICAL CONDITION One of the most common medical condition that causes puffy face is hypothyroidism. A lack of thyroid hormones in the body results in rapid weight gain and this leads to a bloated face.

GENETICS If your parents and siblings have puffy face, then genetics could be an explanation why you have puffy face although you are not overweight. People with bloated face tend to accumulate fat tissues in their cheek and chin area, making their faces look bigger than normal.

What facial slimming treatments are available?

While Botox effectively slims the muscles on the sides of the face, effective facial slimming still cannot be achieved if we have chubby cheeks, or an obvious double chin. Radiolysis Facial Fat Slimming treatment uses radiofrequency to ‘trim the fat’ to define the contours of your face. A micro-insulated needle is introduced under the skin where the fat cells are located. Radiofrequency energy is then delivered to break down the fatty tissue, which drains out of your body through your circulatory system.

A programme of three sessions allows the doctor to review and sculpt your face the way you want by removing excess, unwanted fatty tissue. The end result is a slimmer facial contour which allows your other features to shine, without having to go under the knife.

What is the downtime associated with the treatment?

This treatment requires the doctor to make micro-wounds on your face to deliver the radiofrequency waves into the fatty tissue. This will inevitably result in some mild swelling and redness immediately after the treatment. With proper care, you will be able to resume your normal activities in 2 to 3 days.

Who is a suitable candidate for this facial slimming treatment?

As long as you have obtained clearance from your doctor that your puffy face is not due to any serious medical condition, you can consult an aesthetic doctor to address your aesthetic concern.

This facial slimming treatment is suitable for any man or woman who wants to remove excess fat from the face so that it looks slimmer and your facial features will become more prominent.


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    Reduce pockets of stubborn fat in specific areas of the face
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    Break down fatty tissue safely and tighten skin at the same time
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    Scarless and convenient procedure with minimal downtime

Best For

People who have a ‘babyface’ or naturally retain more fat tissue on the face and have difficulty getting rid of it. 

This is also a suitable treatment for people who want to trim the fats and contour the face without undergoing surgery.

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