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Biostimulator Hand Rejuvenation

When injected into back of the hands, Ellanse (also known as 少女针) can provide long-lasting and sustained correction by volumization through biostimulation.

PDRN Scalp Treatment

PDRN is known for its ability to stimulate cell growth and regenerate skin and tissue. It can be used to treat hair loss caused by weak scalp.

PN Skin Therapy Treatment

Polynucleotides is a compound that possesses several therapeutic properties such as to heal wounds, repair skin tissue and reduce inflammation.

PDRN Skin Therapy

PDRN is a DNA-derived compound that accelerates wound healing, improves overall skin texture by stimulating cell proliferation and repair skin tissue.


Profhilo is a Hybrid Cooperative Complex HA that is injected into the skin to boost hydration, lift the skin, and remodel and repair ageing skin.

PN Eye Therapy

PN Therapy is a DNA injectable to address all signs of premature ageing around the eyes, such as fine lines, crow’s feet and dark eye circles.